2021’s Top Home Design Themes

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The home design themes we describe here have staying power. They reflect where we are as a society right now, as we kick 2020 to the curb and toast a glass of bubbly to the new year.

The common thread tying together 2021’s design themes is a focus on maximizing comfort and beauty.

We’re home more, and we’re together with our family. (All. the. time.) We want a home that makes us smile. Where we feel comfortable and at peace. Rooms that uniquely reflect our personality and lifestyle. A home that elevates day-to-day life – from the most simple tasks to memorable events.

You deserve this kind of home.

When planning your home design goals for the coming year, the following themes may offer some inspiration:

Home Offices

Weston Manor Weston MA Office web
Weston Manor Office | Interior design: Katie Rosenfeld | Photography: Read McKendree

Last year was the year for working from home. Many of us needed to create or improve our home office spaces to make it possible to be professional and productive.

But as we’re seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many companies are considering more permanent remote work options for their employees. If remote work is here to stay, the temporary improvements made to home offices in the urgency of last year may not work well in the long term.

An ideal home office offers a quiet, organized area that is both inspiring and supports focus. (And it doesn’t hurt to have an impressive backdrop for Zoom calls).

>> How to Create a More Comfortable, Productive Home Office

Fitness and Entertainment Space

Stanwood Estate Topsfield MA Barn web
Stanwood Estate barn with exercise studio and entertainment space | Photography: Eric Roth

Converting underused space, such as a barn or garage, to create a dedicated fitness area or home entertainment space can be a meaningful addition to a home.

Home gyms give families the equipment they prefer from the convenience of home, while music and theater spaces offer a comfortable, private setting for spending quality time together.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Lynnfield MA Farmhouse Porch web
Lynnfield Farmhouse | Photography: Eric Roth

Extending the home outdoors expands your space without requiring a major addition, and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment into shoulder seasons and even year-round.

Indoor/outdoor areas such as decks, patios, and pergolas provide beautiful settings for gathering with family and friends, and offer enjoyable opportunities to escape the house for fresh air and sunshine.

Ample Storage Space

Cummings Newton low rez
Timothy Hyde House entrance storage | Photography: Eric Roth

Storage space is always important, but with families spending so much time at home together, there’s a greater need for many places to organize and make tidying up easier and faster.

In every home we design, we find creative ways to add storage and organizing space – from under the stairs to hallway nooks. Custom built-ins add style and polish.

Rejuvenating, Spa-Like Bathrooms

North Shore Tranquility Interiors Middleton MA a Bathroom
North Shore Tranquility bathroom | Photography: Eric Roth

One of the few spaces where we can close the door and leave the stress of the world behind, a luxurious bathroom can be an oasis.

Deep, standing tubs and spacious showers are only the beginning.

Beautiful finishes and materials add texture and beauty to this serene spot in your home.

The Ideal Kitchen

Winchester MA Dutch Colonial Kitchen web
Winchester Dutch Colonial kitchen | Photography: Joyelle West

It’s always been the heart of the home, but more than ever the kitchen is an important focal point.

We’re all cooking at home more lately, and comfort food and tradition have been a soothing balm for the ills of the world.

Whether we’re making a simple meal for loved ones, teaching the kids how to bake, or simply gathering around the island for a cup of tea and an afternoon treat, realizing the dream of your perfect kitchen makes a world of difference in the way you enjoy your home.

So what does your perfect kitchen look like? Bright white with open shelves like that gorgeous image above? Warm with antique details and hand-hewn wooden beams?

Whatever your vision is, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

Travel-Inspired Finishes

Winchester MA Dutch Colonial Entryway web
Winchester Dutch Colonial entryway with global-inspired finishes| Photography: Joyelle West

All those trips that had to be put on hold. We’re counting the days until we can return to carefree travel.

In response, we’re seeing clients adding global-inspired fixtures and details to their interiors to recall favorite destinations, and invite a bit of global inspiration into their home.

A Moroccan-inspired light fixture. An Indian tapestry. Japanese-style prints.

Our interior design team are experts at finding the perfect pieces to complement your home decor and remind you of your favorite travel memories.

Master Planning

Centre Farm Lynnfield MA Kitchen web
Centre Farm | Photography: Eric Roth

This year you may need a new office and expanded kitchen, but in the future you’d like to create a master suite and home gym. And then maybe there’s the back patio that you’d love to expand.

To do it all, over time, while being efficient with costs and planning, a master plan is the key. No one wants to renovate one space, only to have to tear it apart a year later to run new HVAC or take down a wall for the next project.

With a master plan, we help you plan the work you’d like to do with a comprehensive design intended to be executed over a period of time. You take the projects on as you’re ready, and they all work together seamlessly to create the home of your dreams.

Cheers to 2021!

We’re happy to put 2020 behind us. Now the focus is on moving forward, into the promise of a new year. We’d love to help you plan your dream home this year, whether that means renovations to turn your current space into the home you’ve always wanted, or designing the perfect home from scratch.

We’re here for you. Give us a call or send a message and we’d love to share our design ideas, answer your questions, and work together to bring your vision to life.

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