Garvin Weeks Farmstead North Reading MA Exterior
Garvin Weeks Farmstead North Reading MA Exterior

Garvin Weeks Farmstead (c. 1790)

North Reading, MA

The 1790 Garvin-Weeks Farmstead is a beautiful farmhouse with Georgian and Victorian period rooms as well as a craftsman style addition from the early 1900s. The original house was from the late 18th century, and the barn structure shortly after that. The client desired architectural styles for her new master suite, revamped kitchen, and family room, that paid close attention to the individual eras of the home. The master suite uses antique furniture from the Georgian era, and the floral wallpaper uses stencils from an original vintage piece. The kitchen and family room are classic farmhouse style, and even use timbers and rafters from the original barn structure. The expansive kitchen island uses reclaimed wood, as does the dining table. The custom cabinetry, milk paint, hand-painted tiles, soapstone sink, and marble baking top are other important elements to the space. The historic home now shines.

Design Award

Master Design Award (Silver)

“The projects we have done together have transformed my antique home and barn from a mishmash of odd and unsound structures to a beautiful period home, both inside and out.”

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