Our approach to interior design creates a cohesive aesthetic that interacts with the architecture, creating an environment in which both elements elevate each other.

Working with our interior design team is a fun and engaging experience, and can be intensely personal. We get to know you and your life so we can design interiors that embody your personality and style.

While design is a process, it’s a flexible one. Each client has a different way of looking at things and absorbing visual information. We tailor our approach to ensure that you feel engaged and confident throughout the design process, as we bring your dream home to life together.

Oceanfront Shingle Style Gloucester MA Entrance

Getting to Know You

Our interior design process begins by presenting you with images and discussing your emotional and aesthetic reactions. This sensory experience helps us to understand what styles and tone you are drawn to. We use this to develop a stylistic concept for your interior design – we set the scene.

At the same time, we explore how your home should function. The types of spaces you envision, the ways your home can support and improve your day-to-day life, and the kinds of experiences and memories you look forward to having at home.

Concept Boards

Combining your aesthetic ideals with our own design expertise, we craft concept boards that present visual themes, design concepts, and specific details for your home. We share these boards with you and discuss them together to further refine the interiors concept for your home.

Design Drawings

With a clearly-defined design vision, we draw highly-detailed interior design plans that may include custom cabinetry, furniture layouts, color schemes, window treatments, artwork, and other exciting aspects of your home. These drawings will help you clearly envision how interior aspects of your home will look and function. With your feedback, we refine and develop these drawings into final, detailed documentation of your home’s interiors.

Product Selections

To bring your custom interiors to life, we hand-select each fixture, finish and furnishing together. This experience is tailored based on your preference. If you enjoy visiting showrooms with us to explore product offerings, we will suggest the best showrooms and arrange tours to suit your schedule. If you prefer a turnkey process, it is our pleasure to present you with curated product options.

Permanent and installed products are typically selected first, such as lighting, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and plumbing fixtures. This is followed by layering on furniture, window treatments, rugs, artwork acquisition, and accessories. All selections are thoughtfully chosen for their contribution to the overall design vision and tone, their aesthetic appeal, and functional characteristics.

Purchasing, Procurement and Installation

Your interiors team manages all product selections and vendors. We order, track, and oversee installation and custom construction with craftspeople and contractors to ensure every detail is exactly as desired.

Our interior design studio works in partnership with our architectural team, or as an independent design service available for individual projects.

Tell us about your interior design project. Have a question for us about our interior design services? Ask away.

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Newton MA Addition This Old House Kitchen