Not your average team. Not your average firm.

Our team of inspired and knowledgeable professionals is one of the most highly-respected and sought-after creative groups in the region. We design beautiful, inviting homes across New England. Over the last 20 years, our firm’s work has been recognized with many design awards and has been featured in numerous design publications.

Providing architecture and interior design services, our practice includes new construction, renovations and additions – with unique expertise in restoring and renovating historic homes. Our portfolio includes original designs that encompass all eras and styles from first period and Victorian homes, to Colonials, craftsman bungalows, contemporary waterfront properties, lake houses, and more.

Our boutique size allows us to dedicate individual attention to every client and project. Principal Mathew Cummings is personally involved throughout the design process, setting the creative vision for each project.



A self-proclaimed architecture fanatic, Mat’s genuine love for the art and craft of his profession is infectious. His passion draws out the best in his teammates and makes his clients feel comfortable immersing themselves in the process. A skilled and empathetic listener, he is able to read between the lines to uncover valuable insights and creative inspiration.

Over his career, Mat has worked on many notable houses throughout New England, but his passion remains rooted in the happiness of his clients and the designs he creates for them, not the accolades. Mat is still as approachable, enthusiastic, and openly collaborative as he was the day he graduated from the prestigious Boston Architectural College.



Mindy joined the firm in early 2021 and advanced to Principal in 2023. In her time with Cummings, Mindy and her team have grown the firm’s Interiors Department to be one of the sought-after firms for full-service Interior Design. As Principal, she leads a group of talented designers in interior renovations throughout Cape Ann and New England, while also guiding the overall growth of the firm.

An accomplished interior designer for over 20 years, she creates comfortable and luxurious environments that celebrate timeless style, with a keen eye for detail. Mindy’s designs span a broad array of styles, from American and European, Traditional, Coastal, to Country and Contemporary. She earned her degree in interior architecture from Newbury College, and a B.S. in Communications from UMass Dartmouth. When not at work, Mindy loves raising her kids Garret and Claudia. As a family, they enjoy traveling and in her occasional free time, she is passionate about pilates and yoga.