Why Hire a Full-Service Design Firm?


Typically, full-service residential design firms assign an interior designer and architect to each project. At Cummings, all members of our intimate team bring their unique perspectives and personal experiences to each home, effectively co-creating the vision and deliverables of all aspects of a project. The collaborative energy within our firm is felt on the client’s end, from the schematic and design phases to putting together construction documents and our staff visiting project sites and assisting with on-the-ground analysis of each project side-by-side with clients.

Benefits of these services in-house and under one roof allow for constant communication, weaving creativity between the departments when design ideas are discussed and brought to the table. The impact of transparent communication between departments allows for a clearly defined budget early on and a clear understanding of the process from start to finish. Accountability is rarely a hurdle due to the nature of project managers housed under one roof, serving as a point of contact for:

  • delivering the project on time
  • getting building approval for your project
  • final project designs
  • cost and budget
  • client deliverables
  • project closeouts

Importantly, partnering with full-service firms saves time, a commodity we could all use more of in a world oversaturated with decision-making and daily tasks asking for our attention. Leading us to the end result of seamless, thought-out architecture and interiors that complement one another. 

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